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Dog Parkour

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Update: we offer REAL LIFE classes in the park that have Parkours Elements in the learning through our DAWG affiliate: starting this Saturday!

Why not spice up your daily dog walks and keep your dog engaged with YOU by encouraging them to explore, interact and even balance on new objects and surfaces?!?

Urban Agility has the added bonus of increasing your dog’s confidence, coordination and overall fitness! As a handler you will start looking at your neighbourhood in a new way and searching for suitable and fun obstacles that may work to challenge your pup.

Ideas can be:

Walking along a cement retaining wall

Walking across a tarp

Crawling under a park bench

2 paws up on a garbage can, tree, bench

4 paws up on a stump or log

Hopping up onto a bus stop bench

Weaving around some garbage or recycle bins

Jumping onto or over a cement barrier

Walking through a gap between 2 objects

2 paws up on playground equipment

It is important to note that safety and choice are two main points to consider when starting. Build your dog’s confidence and strength gradually, making sure that they are freely choosing to participate in this new activity.

Never force your dog into a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or fearful as this is the opposite of the goal.

Make sure the area is hazard free beforehand.

Things to consider are ensuring there are no cars in the area, the object is stable, surface is not too hot / cold/ slippery/ sharp, obstacle is not too high (over your dog’s shoulder height), to name a few.

Let us know what you find out and about in your neighborhood!!

Be fun! Have fun!

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