Best Paw Forward Private Lessons

At our training facility located at 1680 Northfield Road

What are Private Lessons for?

Private lessons are sessions where you and your dog work together with a certified dog trainer to resolve problem behaviours or train skills.  We teach you how to train your dog and support you on your journey.

Why choose Private Lesson training?

Private lessons give you the individual attention to help with specific issues that may not fit in a class curriculum.  It can provide additional help with select skills.  Let our certified trainers help you learn the skills you need to help your dog succeed in life!  

Initial Consultation

In order to join our private lesson training program, complete our Training Intake Form and book a Training Assessment Consultation. The consultation fee will apply.  We will also ensure you have or can purchase the necessary training equipment to succeed!

In our consultation, we work with you to set goals, interact with your dog and observe your dog’s behaviours to get a baseline of your dog's current level of skill and formulate a training plan that suits your goals, meets your needs, and falls within your budget.  Together we will set an appropriate timeline and provide you with a training contract that details the responsibilities for you and for us.

Since each dog is different, we will set a timeline that allows us to make significant progress on your dog’s behaviour.

Initial consultations are available through ONLINE booking or contact us via email.

Minimum commitment

The minimum commitment will vary depending on the complexity of the behaviour, the dog’s current skills and abilities and the level of refinement you want for the end result.  

Training Schedule

For optimal results, lessons will be scheduled a maximum of 2 weeks apart.  All package lessons will be scheduled at the time of booking.  Each package has an expiry time depending on the number of sessions.

Private Lesson Packages

Private lesson packages are designed to help you get the best start.  After your initial consultation, your instructor will help you choose a package that works best for you and your dog, your needs and your budget.

3 Pack -Foundation Skills

  • 3 x 1 hour private lessons

  • Follow up notes for each session

  • Cost $400

5 Pack -Excellerate Skills

  • 5 x 1 hour private lessons

  • Follow up notes for each session

  • Cost $650

10 Pack -Supawstar Skills

  • 10 x 1 hour private lessons

  • Follow up notes for each session

  • Cost $1250

Training Tools

Dogs must come with their own supplies.  The proper harnesses/leash or additional tools may need to be purchased before the start of their training program.  If your dog comes without the appropriate equipment for your particular training session we will use our facility equipment. However, your dog must have the appropriate gear to succeed at home!

If you do not have the necessary equipment we have most supplies in stock for purchase or we can direct you to where you can get them!


In order to book your dog for our program, you must commit to several training sessions to help provide your dog  and you with the consistency to help you ensure success.  Schedule availability varies and will be booked at the time of buying your package.  


Additional lessons may be purchased at any time!

What to Bring to each session

  • A variety of soft, smelly treats

  • Appropriate collar, harness & leash

  • Favourite toy(s)

  • A small blanket or towel that smells like home

  • A water bowl and some water from home

  • Special items may be requested for training a specific behaviour.

Cancellation Policy

We cannot accommodate pre-scheduled day training appointment cancellations. The day training time is exclusively reserved for your dog and we are not able to offer refunds on any missed time slots. Makeup sessions can be scheduled at the additional standard fee. 


In addition, inconsistent training makes it hard or impossible for the training to succeed. Missing sessions will possibly result in the training goal not being met in the planned timeline. 

Lesson Meetup

Please note there will be a dedicated buzzer that will allow you to signal the trainers you have arrived so that we can come to escort you and your dog into our facility!

Private Lesson Notes

Notes to help remind you of the exercises and provide helpful tips along the way will be provided by email after each lesson.

Questions about your training?

The best time and place to ask is at your lesson!  This time is specifically reserved for you to learn and ask questions.  If you just need a quick answer about an exercise you are already working on, please email us!  We are here to help you succeed!