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Best Paw Forward & DAWG Group Classes

What is group training?

Classes are a fun way to learn new skills with your dog as a group. It provides a social learning atmosphere where you can meet like-minded dog owners and share your experiences as a class.  Each group meets weekly at their designated time for in-person instruction and then goes home to practice the behaviours they are learning.  Skills build from week to week.

Why choose group classes?

Group classes are an affordable option for dog training.  They provide you with key skills to help your dog succeed in life and help you build a better relationship.  Not all dogs are suited to group classes.  If your dog tends to be excessively noisy or is nervous of new dogs or people this may not be the correct choice for you.​  

Initial Training Consultation

Are you new to owning a dog?  Or is your dog a little older and has never attended classes?  Start with the training consultation to help you succeed!  There is SO MUCH to learn about dogs and training that a private lesson can help you quickly build the skills you need most!  The Initial Training Consultation also helps us assess if your dog is ready for group classes. 

Dogs that are fearful, reactive or bark at people and dogs need to start with a consult to ensure they are ready for the class environment.

All dogs , any age, size or breed may join our dog sport and fun classes provided they are not disruptive in the classroom environment and are comfortable around other people and dogs. If you are not sure, please book a private lesson or behaviour consult first.

The private lesson/behaviour consult form is linked above!

Training Schedule

Classes meet once a week at our facility or our Real Life classes are at an outdoor location, on a designated day and time.

Training Tools

Dogs must come with their own supplies.  The proper harnesses/leash or additional tools may need to be purchased before or during the training program.  Exercises will be easier to complete if you have the right tools.

We have most supplies in stock for purchase or we can direct you to where you can obtain them! 


You can book classes and private sessions directly online or email us to book!.

What classes are available?

Check out the booking pages for current availability!  Looking for a class that is not listed?  Ask us!


What to Bring to each session

  • Special treats (for dogs with dietary needs/picky eaters)

  • Appropriate NON RESTRICTIVE, 2 point Harness ( blue 9 Balance harness or similar style) and 4-6 ft leash

  • Favourite toy(s)

  • A small blanket or towel that smells like home

  • Special items may be requested for training a specific behaviour.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that we accept class cancellations up to seven days prior to the start of class. The class time is exclusively reserved for your dog and we are not able to offer refunds on any missed time slots. Private makeup lessons can be scheduled at the additional standard fee. 

In addition, inconsistent training makes it hard or impossible for the training to succeed. Missing sessions will likely result in the training goal not being met in the planned timeline. 


Class notes will be provided weekly in your online classroom and usually release at 9am the following day.

Questions about your training?

If it is related to exercises in class you can ask in your online group or in class.  If you need additional help please send us an email so we can help!

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