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Connection, Clear communication, Confidence, Understanding, Joy, Unconditional Love,

NO Pain, NO Fear, NO Force


If you have a new puppy, a newly adopted rescue dog, or a challenging dog that needs certain behaviours to be guided in a different direction, our expert trainers are here to help you. Our dedicated trainers will work with you and your dog to grow a powerful bond through extremley effective and humane training, properly guided socialization and exercise  for the body and mind! .

Best Paw Forward and DAWG have merged!  Two great businesses become one to serve you better with classes on Northfield Road and out in the Cedar area.

We are fully accredited and members of PACTA as well as BCSPCA Animal Kind Certified, following the very strict guidelines for animal welfare and safety.

The  modern and bright 2000 square feet Nanaimo Training Center is conveniently located at 1680 Northfield Road. 

Both Cedar and Nanaimo sessions are held in a climate controlled environment for optimal comfort

We do make house calls and offer virtual sessions in addition to group and private sessions at our training facilities or in the community.

Training  sessions and learning opportunities are available for booking 6 days a week.

Meet The Team




Linda holds certifications for:

  • KPA-CTP Karen Pryor Academy - Certified Training Partner,

  • PDT Pro Dog Trainer,

  • CBATI-KA Certified Behaviour Adjustment Trainer -  KA

  • CTDI Certified Trick Dog Instructor 

Linda holds numerous other certifications for training and professional grooming! Linda is an avid student of all things new in regards to Humane Education in dog science!  New developments in training skills and  techniques, the science of learning and physiology connected to learning and behaviour modification training are her top interests


She loves to assist people and their dogs (including cats!) to build an excellent bond for life.  "I want to help people better understand their pet so they can communicate effectively with one another and have the best quality life together".

She has an extensive background and many years of experience in dog behaviour training, and dog sports training including Agility, Tricks, Rally, Disc/Frisbee, Scent, Dock Diving, Obedience and more. Including participation in all these sports at the highest levels and a long professional grooming career. 

Currently, she is owned by a collection of Chinese Crested (hairless and powderpuff) and two cats. All of her dogs have competed and titled in a wide variety of dog sports.



Adriana has been a dog training enthusiast from a very young age. 


She started out teaching her own dogs the sport of dog agility with DAWG and her enthusiasm for training has grown from this.

She holds the following certifications: 

  • KPA_KA Karen Pryor Academy

  • CCPDT -KA Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

  • CTDI 

  • Dog Safe First aid


Adriana is passionate about helping people to prevent behaviour problems before they even happen by applying her in debt understanding or dog behaviour and she loves instructing the  pup and young dog classes.



She is dedicated to dog sports like: agility, dock diving, trick training , rally and scent work and helping her own three dogs and  her many fabulous client dogs, learn strong foundation skills.

Adriana is currently studying to become a Certified C-BATI instructor, to help dogs with even the most  worrisome reactive and fear or excitement based behaviour, become happier dogs that can survive and thrive with confidence and calmness  in our busy world! 


Her goal is for all her wonderful  dog and human clients to become and excel at being the best possible  team for a long and happy  life!


CPPDT, CTDI, Pro Dog Trainer

Bernadette is a CCPDT , PDT, CTDI certified trainer with over 40 years of experience,  who has completed more additional certifications than we can begin to list! 

She has trained and competed with her own dogs and clients' dogs to the highest levels in Agility as well as  Draft work and Confirmation and participated in all possible dog sports!  She is a registered CKC and AKC judge for drafting (carting)tests, as well as a retired dog agility judge and CGN-certified tester. Her students have excelled in sports and in helping their dogs through struggles of all kinds!

Her passion is assisting dogs and their families to learn effective and force-free ways to change even the most severe behaviour struggles. 

Coaching and teaching all dogs, from  Puppy, Junior and Senior classes at all levels, Parkours, Real life, Recall, Scent work, Agility, Treibball, Draft work, and Show Confirmation.

Mild, moderate or even severe problem behaviour concerns are met with humane and animal kind effective training methods and  all training advice is offered with a smile and genuine love for all living beings!

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