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Success Stories

I just came home from the best walk ever with Hank! He walked loose leash from my house up the road and even stopped and sat when a neighbour stopped in his car to talk to us. He zoomed and zoomed off leash up in the foothills, always staying in sight of me. It is finally fun to walk my best friend. Thank you Best Paw Forward for all of your help!!

— Barbara with “Hank

Wanted to send a note of thanks for the fab puppy class that you facilitated for Duke and me. We learned so much, and I’m confident that we move forward with some solid skills and look forward to more training in future. We signed up for the Sunday leash skills classes based on your recommendation as well as our positive experiences thus far.

— Will with “Duke”

Lots of great info, and it made me realize that Ella may not be as crazy as we thought, just bored. We’ve had a productive week with training, and she’s doing so great, she responds to positive reinforcement so much better. We’re all much happier, even after just this one week.

— Molly with “Ella”

This is just a quick message to thank you profusely for your assistance in understanding Queen. We have seen a tremendous improvement in her. There are no more fights, she gets into the van just fine. Having understood her needs better, I feel that I am able to help her. My sincere appreciation goes out to you and your assistance. Please accept my sincere thanks.
—Teresa with "Queen"

Thank you Bernadette what you taught us was wonderful we really appreciate it. I have printed everything off so I can review it as often as possible.  It has made such a difference already.

I just need to know.

Many Thanks

—Joan with "Katie"

After Class Reviews:

  • Stellar!

  • The seminar was interesting and has given me the knowledge to teach my dog to walk properly on leash. I also like the fact that I can contact the trainer if I need any follow-up advice.

  • Jenn and Angie were great

  • Every trainer gave me another tip interacting with me and my dog

  • We have worked with Angie, Jen and Bernadette so far and all three trainers are amazing!

  • Wonderful class. It was fun and we really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  • Awesome understanding of dog behaviour translated to humans

  • Amazing class. Learned so much and loved seeing Sophie come out of her shell in a safe environment.

  • Jenn and Angie were both awesome and Walter our retriever loved them! Looking forward to continuing on level 2 with them

  • I really appreciated the expertise and demonstrations. Excellent and well-paced.

  • It was awesome! Leo isn’t scared of dogs like he was before attending these classes. So happy he is coming out of his shell and can’t wait to start puppy kindergarten on wed!

  • Thank you all so much and we look forward to working together more soon

  • I appreciate the support, and suggestions a lot. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for everything. The training has helped up keep our puppy mentally stimulated and we have learned so many good habits! I especially have been thankful for the relaxation protocol because our puppy gets very anxious when we leave him alone.

  • This class has helped so much with leo’s training and socialization!

  • Both trainers were great but Angie is my favourite :)

  • Never regret getting my butt to class!! Always a good time had by myself and my dog.

  • Thank you!

  • The trainers were awesome. So skilled and knowledgeable. I learned more than I thought possible in such a short amount of time. I wish I would have done this sooner. Thank you very much!

  • Positive, upbeat, supportive and fun... way to go Jen and Ang....

  • Thanks for your help and providing a place for Marti to meet new friends.

  • My dog & I thoroughly enjoyed the classes

  • Loved the class, so much fun with a great instructor!!

  • Loved the class and learned so much!! Thank you!!

  • Ezme and I had a wonderful experience with our first go at puppy classes. We will be back as soon as we find a schedule that fits. Every trainer was truly way above expectations - What a caring and compassionate group of individuals you have in this organization. I thank you so much for the difference you have made in our lives!

  • Angie and Jen were great! They know their stuff so encouraging when I felt frustrated. Working very hard with Paisley and she now will do a down.

  • I am hoping to continue later in the spring, Gallie will be missing you.

  • Great trainers who really understand dogs and are very helpful for the people!

  • Thank you Shelby and Adrianna, your support has helped Raven and I with our confidence. You made this program so successful and I am very grateful for your support.

  • We really enjoyed the expertise and positive comments of the instructors.

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