Success Stories

I just came home from the best walk ever with Hank! He walked loose leash from my house up the road and even stopped and sat when a neighbour stopped in his car to talk to us. He zoomed and zoomed off leash up in the foothills, always staying in sight of me. It is finally fun to walk my best friend. Thank you Best Paw Forward for all of your help!!

— Barbara with “Hank

Wanted to send a note of thanks for the fab puppy class that you facilitated for Duke and me. We learned so much, and I’m confident that we move forward with some solid skills and look forward to more training in future. We signed up for the Sunday leash skills classes based on your recommendation as well as our positive experiences thus far.

— Will with “Duke”

Lots of great info, and it made me realize that Ella may not be as crazy as we thought, just bored. We’ve had a productive week with training, and she’s doing so great, she responds to positive reinforcement so much better. We’re all much happier, even after just this one week.

— Molly with “Ella”