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Does your dog get bored throughout the day?

Here are a few simple things you can do to make their day a little more interesting!

  1. Food toys- food toys are a great way of engaging our dogs brain. Since the treats don’t come for free they have to think about how they’re going to get it! Food toys can range from kongs to food puzzles and everything in between.

  2. Training- it doesn’t have to be long. Keep it short & sweet! Doing little bits of training throughout the day can help engage our dogs with us as well as keep their brains busy. Think of fun or new things to train your pup to do! You could even teach a new trick each day. For example, paws up on a new object, spin, rollover, sit! There are a huge variety of tricks as well as everyday skills we can practice with our dogs. Training can be done at home or out on walks. Make it fun!

  3. Tug-o-war- this is not only a relationship building game but it also helps practice valuable skills! Drop the toy when I ask and get it again with permission. This is not only physical exercise but it’s also mental stimulation. Remember to let your dog win so they want more!

  4. Sniffy walk- set aside some time to go for a sniffy walk. Allowing your dog to sniff gives them a ton of mental stimulation. They have to process all the new smells. Sniffy walks don’t have to be long and you don’t have to go far! I’m sure if you put your pup on a leash and walk outside your house, they will find something good to smell.

You can use your dogs meal times for food toys and/or training. Mental stimulation is vital to having a happy, healthy dog!

This is a photo of my pups with their favourite food toys and puzzles!

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