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Spring Time Enrichment.

Updated: May 9, 2022

With the nicer weather, many of us have Spring cleaning going on and are digging through closets, garages or garden sheds.

Try inviting your dog to investigate, interact or even sniff around some of these novel object for part of their daily meal allotment.

🐾 Encourage them to put Paws Up! on a garden pail, stool, planter or Rubbermaid tote. 🐾 Invite them to sort through some

different objects and sniff out their kibble. 🐾 Maybe scatter kibble or cookies in the grass.

🐾 Perhaps invite them to shred an old cardboard box or some newspaper.

While it may take a moment to organize and clean up, it is going to be a great deposit into your dog’s joy account.

What do you have laying around that can be fun for your dog to play with??

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