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Classes Starting Saturday, April 2nd

Hi Everyone,

Here are some of the classes being offered to start Saturday, April 2nd!

Don't forget dogs over 4 months that have not attended classes before need to do a private lesson first to ensure they are a good fit for classes.

930am Recall Rescue

-Does your dog's recall need some help? Let's get them motivated and focused to come to you the first time you call! Prerequisite minimum of Level 1 completed.

1040am Level 3 Advanced Manners and Canine Good Neighbour

- This is even more advancement in building a reliable dog that is ready to tackle real-world situations! Combined with exercises from the canine good neighbour program and rally obedience this will hone your dog's skills even further! Prerequisite Level 2 (intermediate manners)

1215pm Trick Training Level 1

-Do you need something fun you and your dog can do together? Or just want to show off your tricks for family and friends? This is it! Trick training helps alleviate boredom, challenge dogs mentally and physically and it is SO MUCH FUN for you that you can't help but want to practice! The only prerequisite for this class is that dogs are comfortable around other people and dogs and not disruptive.

125pm Level 2 -Intermediate Manners

- For dogs that have completed a Level 1 course and want to continue to grow and develop their new skill set towards being a very good dog. Prerequisite level 1.

235pm Level 1 -Puppy

-Getting started for Pups under 5 months with basic manners and life skills that will build a strong foundation for your future together. Pups under 4 months can join the class directly, pups over 4 months need to complete a private lesson first.

We hope to see your lovely dogs soon!

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Hi if my 11 month puppy hasn’t done level 1 , do we need to complete that first.


Hi my dog is 11 months old. We haven’t done any classes. Has basic sit , down & stay. Reasonably ok recall. Do I need to take level 1 first ?

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