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New Classes!

We are so excited to announce some new classes are now available for registration!

Trick Dog Class February 19th

Come and have the most fun EVER with your dog as you learn to teach fun tricks and build a great relationship! A ton of fun can be had learning tricks for both people and dogs, impress your friends with all your dog can do!

Puppy Play and Learn March 11th

For pups under 5 months this class is all about body language, communication between dogs and proper play interactions! Does your pup need to make friends and learn to interact with other young dogs, let us set you up with rules for success for dog to dog interactions!

Scent Work Level 1 March 11th

Canine instinct already causes them to follow their nose! Now you can teach them to be a detector dog! Whether you are looking to train for scentwork sport or just looking to teach your dog to find you house keys, this is a great engaging sport for your dog. Suitable for all skill levels. This will be a group class with multiple dogs working in the same space. Private lessons can be arranged by email for dogs that need a little more space for themselves.

Scentwork Level 2 March 11th

Has your dog already done a first level class and you would like to continue to build their skills? Then level 2 is the place for you!

Many more exciting classes to come! Hope to see you soon!

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