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Calling All Puppies Under 4 Months!

We have recently updated our class registration process. Now that we have extra class instructors available, we have updated our policies in regards to pups under 4 months of age.

A private lesson will only be required for dogs OVER 4 months of age that have not done classes with us before (email us if you have done training with this dog elsewhere). Of course, if you are a first-time puppy parent, we would highly recommend the 1on1 lesson to help you address any specific puppy training to help you get started!

You can now sign up ONLINE for classes directly through our website!

Here are the classes you can enrol in:

Puppy Social- Building confidence and first introductions to people, surfaces, sounds, uniform/costumes, grooming & handling and kids toys and wheeled transport

  • Classes starting Tuesday March 8th @ 520pm or 615pm

Puppy Play and Learn - All about APPROPRIATE play and learning dog body language for both puppies and parents! Learn when to interrupt, when to let them play and how to find the RIGHT friends for your particular dog.

  • Class starting Friday March 11th @ 525pm

Puppy Kindergarten- Foundation life skills and manners training to help your pup learn to come when called, stay and relax, focus on you, walk on a leash and so much more!

  • Classes starting Sunday February 27th @ 1:20pm, Wednesday March 2nd @ 520PM and Tuesday March 16 @ 740pm

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