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2 dogs and a wedding, or maybe 5 dogs and a wedding?

Updated: Jun 27

two dogs and a wedding!

or maybe even 5 dogs and a wedding!

This is going to be an exciting weekend.

 We have a wedding planned on our property for one of our coworkers.

Today the tents are going up, the parking arrangements are being  finalized, and our 3 dogs are all out of sorts due to the unusual activities on our property.

They knew something was up a couple of days ago when their normal daily routine of walks and playtime was altered in favor of accommodating the various comings and goings of new people!

My dogs LIKE new people and will gladly announce their arrival with some woofing and tail waggings. 

Lucky for us all, they know that : THANK YOU means : "I am aware, and we heard enough of that! "

The bride and Groom have two dogs, and the plan is to have them ( and possibly my three dogs) join in the wedding fun and be guests at the event for short periods of time!

Here is our dilemma, the big event tent is set up near our pond, a pond where the dogs are usually allowed to go in to swim, AND the bride has a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, who LOVES  WATER!!!! to the point of loudly and sometimes obsessively complaining if he doesn't get to run into the water and swim swim swim....

Soooo , what is a dog trainer to do.... manage and control the dogs with simple commands, some favorite tricks and exercises they know well and are stars at performing, or let the dogs have some real fun, allow them to run into the pond, swim around and splash and frolic, get muddy and then promptly go hug all the wedding guests??? 

If it was just up to us DOG People, the choice would be an easy one: Get the official ceremony and dinner over with and then when everyone is happy, dancing and singing, to RELEASE the HOUNDS!

BUT........ Not all 90 plus wedding guests will be as dog friendly as our dog loving friends and as much as the dogs are People Friendly, it may raise a few eyebrows. .  

So we need your help, tell us what YOU would and would not do if this was YOUR BIG EVENT with YOUR dog in attendance. Tell us you past experiences or your future plans and how much fun ( or not) it was or will be!

We promise to fill you in after the weekend on what we actually ended up doing. 

Personally, I hope the bride and groom will opt for Active Dog Participation, I know it will make the event more memorable for all!


I have just read the blog and the plight you were trying to decide which direction to go.

Trying to keep all guests, happy and fed and enjoy everything is a thought, but it is the bride and groom day, and others are invited to be part of it.

That being said the two dogs are part of their family and should be included. Granted it would not be a good idea before dinner to have them join the group, one will immediately go swimming for even the bride and groom is a joyous occasion to see how happy it makes their dog.

I would wait until after dinner after the speeches to release the hounds you could even give everybody a plastic tarp to be wrapped around them so their clothes won’t get dirty  but worn the not dog people That this will give the dogs, the greatest joy in the whole wide world which will add to the joyous occasion.

I can hardly wait for the pictures and to hear the outcome. Send special hugs to the bride and groom and the dogs



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Good Morning: I would have responded sooner, but keeping Jasmine quite is a challenge!

I got married in my back yard, but it was with one Beagle Send her to day care, and then had her

dropped off, then she mingled with the guests.

What I probably would do in your case, is after everything is completed (ceremony, food etc.) I

would x-pen off the area with the tent, then the guests that want to stay away (and keep clean)

from the lovely dogs can. So, I think it might be a win win for all!


Carol DeClark


Those who know me wouldn't have to ask, Those who don't would soon find out.

My dogs go where I go, so long as I can provide safety and comfort. Any day that's about my spouse or myself is automatically about our dog or dog's. I am hard pressed to think back on a day with friends and family that would be made worse by inviting my dog.

So for me it would be a dog friendly event and those who wouldn't enjoy our furry family could watch the video from the comfort of their home.

I know the wedding is going to be beautiful and everyone is going to have an absolute blast. Best wishes to Adriana and Mathew…

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