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What to get your dog for Christmas!

Have you been deliberating over what you can get your dog for Christmas? The answers are delicious and fun!

1. A new toy to play interactive games with your dog like TUG! Interactive games like a flirt pole or tug toy are the best way to play with your dog! These types of toys are strictly for use when you are interacting with your dog and should not be left out with them. They are specially reserved for the time you spend together!

2. Some tasty treats to play games with! Even better if they are produced by an amazing local company like Ber Bites here in Nanaimo! Even better when used to do some training or in a new food puzzle or food toy!

3. A new chew toy like a Kong or West Paw Topl or lick mat to help with calming and giving them an appropriate outlet when you are busy or need them to settle down.

4. A new EXPERIENCE!!! Something fun you can do together! Go for an adventure in a new place, walk in a park you haven't been to, or take a class to try something different. Make memories and build a great relationship with your dog!

Here is a list of PAWesome classes starting in January!

  • Agility Level 1 & 2 -Foundation skills and building sequencing

  • Real Life -Parkour and real-world skills at Maffeo Sutton Park

  • Leash Walking Bootcamp - 4 weeks to get those leash skills working right!

  • Recall Rescue-Training your dog to come the first time you call.

  • Level 1, 2 &3 -From foundation skills to Rally obedience and Canine Good Neighbour skills!

  • Puppy socialization! - Perfect for that new pup to get their paws out into the world learning about people, dogs, novelty and more!

  • Don't forget the mini-seminars! Loose leash Skills, Play and social cues, Stop Jumping up and more!

What is your dog getting for Christmas???

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