Best Paw Forward Dog Day Training

Available at our training facility located at 1680 Northfield Road.

Why choose day training?

  • It eliminates the need for you to learn the intricate details of how to be a successful trainer!  It is a more efficient use of your time since day training takes place while you are at work or busy with other activities. We will take away the guesswork and frustration with noticeable results.

  • You can simplify your life by hiring our Day Training services. We know our clients lead busy lives and don’t always have time to become expert dog trainers. 

  • Our experienced certified professional trainers will work with your dog on targeted behaviours by planning training sessions several times a week to quickly develop new and desired behaviours in your dog. This in turn will help you JUMPSTART your dog’s skill set as we do the homework for you! 

  • It’s convenient, easy to arrange, produces great results and offers the peace of mind that our dedicated team members are helping your dog put their Best Paw Forward.

  • There is an option for half day group sessions, or one hour private sessions

We use scientifically proven positive reinforcement techniques to teach your pup or dog the skills they need to succeed in life!  We will utilize that what your dog enjoys most in life and motivate your dog in becoming a team partner and wiling participant in the training process. Play interaction and toys as well as food, affection and praise are valuable tools that help establish and to reinforce behaviours.  

Each week we schedule three days of lessons and one dedicated skill transfer session of 30 minutes to give you access to your dog's new behaviours.  It also allows us to inform you of your dog's newly achieved level of skill and what you should do to help strengthen and maintain the behaviours we are putting in place for you.  Day training is a fantastic way to accelerate your dog’s education.

Step 1. Consultation

Step 2. We do the training for you

Step 3. We transfer the new skills to you

Step 4. You get to enjoy your Best dog!

Initial Consultation, getting started! 

To join our day training program, complete our Training Intake Form and book a Training Assessment Consultation. Dogs suitable and approved for the programs will be invited to join our Day Training option.  The consultation fee will apply.  

In our consultation,

  • We work with you to set achievable goals,

  • Interact with your dog and observe baseline behaviours and current level of skill

  • Formulate a training plan that suits your goals, meets your needs and falls within your budget. 

  • Together we will set an appropriate group or private  Day Training timeline for your individual dog, that allows us to make significant progress

  • and provide you with a training contract that details the responsibilities for you and for us.

If your needs or goals fall outside of our Group Day Training parameters, we will provide positive alternatives that will suit your needs.

Dogs with reactivity/fear/anxiety may need to start in our Individual 1-on-1 Day Training program before being considered for the Group Day Training Program.

Initial consultations are required and available through ONLINE booking or contact us via email.


We will set achievable goals, and provide information on what to expect from us and what to do when at home with your dog.  Depending on the skill and how well skilled you want your dog to be at the end of the training, will determine the timeline that is most appropriate.

Minimum commitment

The minimum commitment will vary depending on the complexity of the behaviour, the dog’s current skills and abilities and the level of refinement you want for the end result.  For behaviours that are less complex, we can start with our 2-week pawkage.

Training Schedule, what to expect and what Day Training is NOT 

Day Training is NOT Day Care. We are not dog sitters nor do our services offer a freestyle play session or large group interaction. We offer exclusive professional training services to our four-legged clients. The dogs are working intensively with a personal trainer for the duration of their stay. For training to be successful, we will always balance learning with calm and rest.  Many dogs struggle with being able to relax after an exciting event. Teaching the dogs to be calm under stimulating situations will play a large role in the success of the training. Just like us humans, a dog can only focus for a short period of time before its attention starts to wander. To capitalize on their focus we balance active work and settled behaviours. Settle / Rest breaks are active learning times, as we are reinforcing your dog’s choices to rest, stay on a boundary, be able to stay calm while we move around in and out of sight or work with another dog in proximity of their settle / rest area. We will also be able to have more than one trainer  work with your dog, so the learned skills are easier to transfer back to you! this way we can prepare your dog for REAL-LIFE situations and distractions.  

Each Day Group Training session includes:

  •  a 5-hour timeframe which includes the pick-up and drop-off  timeframe at our facility.

  • Dedicated 1-on-1 training with your dog in regards to the desired behaviour, spread out through several training rotations. Rest times between training to help your dog learn to relax while other training and activities continue to happen around them.

  • Exposure and observation time to other dogs and people while learning to focus, work & rest with other activities around.  

  • Real-life skills proofing in and around our facility.  

  • Potty break as needed 

  • And the best way to end a training session, with a little extra love and play before settling down for pick up time.

Training Transfer Sessions

Transfer sessions are EXTREMELY important for you and your dog!  They take place once a week at a pre-scheduled pick-up time on your last day of training for that week. This helps to set you up for maximum success and work at the level your dog is ready for. These transfer sessions are mandatory and an integral part of the program's success. 

All of your day training lesson times and transfer lessons will be pre-scheduled at the time of booking your package.

Training Tools

Dogs will come with their own gear.  The proper harnesses/leash or additional tools may need to be purchased before the start of the training program.  If your dog comes without the appropriate equipment for your particular training session we will use our facility equipment. However, your dog must have the appropriate gear to succeed at home! Best Paw Forward has most supplies in stock for purchase or we can direct you to where you can acquire them!


What to Bring to each session

  • Appropriate Harness & leash

  • Favorite toy(s)

  • A small blanket or towel that smells like home

  • Special items may be requested for training a specific behaviour.



In order to book your dog for our program, you must commit to 3 days a week for day training and one transfer lesson every week.  Schedule availability varies, but all-day training dates and transfer lessons will be booked at the time of buying your package.  Typically transfer lessons will take place on the last day of training for the week to help set you up for success over the weekend.

The first follow up lesson should be completed within 2 weeks of the last transfer session.  Subsequent follow up lessons on packages with multiple lessons should be completed every 2 weeks. Unused lessons will not be carried over or refunded.  Additional lessons may be purchased at any time!​

Cancellation Policy

We cannot accommodate appointment cancellations or date or time changes for any pre-scheduled  Day Training . The pre scheduled training time is exclusively reserved for your dog and we are not able to offer refunds on any missed time slots. Makeup sessions can be scheduled at the additional standard fee. 


Missing sessions comes with problems as inconsistent training makes it hard or impossible for the training to succeed. Missing sessions will possibly result in the training goal not being met in the planned timeline. 


Drop Off/Pick Up

There are specific drop-off and pick up windows to help us have dedicated and uninterrupted training time.  If you are late for drop off your dog’s training time may be reduced. 

Late pick up will be charged after 5 pm at $2/minute as this requires staff to stay overtime.  If special arrangements need to be made we can plan that ahead of time.

There is a buzzer that will allow you to signal the trainers that you have arrived. We will meet you at the door.

Notes and Video

Progress notes and videos will be provided weekly.

Questions about your dog's ongoing training?

Questions will be answered at your weekly transfer lesson!  This time is specifically reserved for you to learn and ask questions.

Day Training Group Pawkages

What is included and what does it cost?  Food rewards are provided,  If dog has special dietary needs/restrictions in which case you must provide appropriate rewards.

Foundation Training Pawkage 

  • 3 sessions a week for 2 weeks

  • 1 transfer session each week for a total of 2 

  • 1 follow up lesson

  • Video clips & training updates are provided weekly

  • Total hours 26

  • Cost $1500

Excellerate Skills Pawkage 

  • 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks 

  • 1 transfer session each week for a total of 4

  • 2 follow up lessons

  • Video clips & training updates are provided weekly

  • Total hours 52

  • Cost $2900

SuPAWstar Pawkage 

  • 3 sessions a week for 6 weeks

  • 1 transfer session each week for a total of 6

  • 3 follow up lessons

  • Video clips & training updates are provided weekly

  • Total hours 78

  • Cost $4250

Day Training 1 on 1 Program Pawkages

Our 1 on 1 program is for those whose schedules do not line up with our day training group program or for dogs that are not ready for the group!

Our 1-on-1 Day Training sessions are 1-hour as opposed to the group sessions which are 4-hours.  This means we have reduced hours to work with your dog to solidify the behaviour.

2-week Foundation

  • Day Training (3x1 hr lessons per week) for a total of 6

  • 2 Private 30 min transfer lessons

  • 1 Follow Up Lesson(s) 1 hr

  • Weekly Training Summary & Training video clips Included

  • Cost $1100

  • Total Hours 8

4-week Excelerate

  • Day Training (3x1 hr lessons per week) for a total of 12

  • 4 Private 30 min transfer lessons

  • 2 Follow Up Lesson(s) 1 hr

  • Weekly Training Summary &Training video clips Included

  • Cost $2150

  • Total Hours 16

6-week SuPAWstar

  • Day Training (3x1 hr lessons per week) for a total of 18

  • 6 Private 30 min transfer lessons

  • 3 Follow Up Lesson(s) 1 hr

  • Weekly Training Summary &Training video clips Included

  • Costs $3250

  • Total Hours 24