So you got a puppy...

Congratulations! There’s a reason that everyone loves puppies - they are adorable, affectionate, goofy, fun and bring so much joy to our lives. However, they can also be challenging and test our patience with what can sometimes seem like endless barking, jumping, nipping, whining and potty accidents.

The most important thing to remember is that puppies come to us knowing NOTHING - they are blank slates. It is up to us to teach them that the polite way to greet a new person is by sitting for them, not jumping up; and that the outside, not inside, is the place to go potty. All of these things can be easily taught with some patience, persistence and positive reinforcement.

At Best Paw Forward, we LOVE puppies...maybe even more than most people. We love teaching new families how to positively interact with their new puppy and teach him how to be the well-mannered, well-socialized and confident family member they want. When they are young, puppies are like sponges - they absorb everything and are so eager to learn. It is infinitely easier to start off teaching what we want right from the start, rather than having to retrain after bad habits have been established.

We always recommend that new puppy owners start with an in-home puppy development lesson. We will teach you how to puppy proof your home, address any questions or challenges you may have, and show you how to set your family up for the best success in your puppy training.

After your in-home lesson and after your puppy has had his second set of core vaccines, it’s time for Puppy Kindergarten. Our 7-week Puppy Kindergarten class will not only show you how to teach your puppy common foundation behaviours, but also give you the opportunity to practice teaching your puppy how to focus on you and relax in the distracting and stimulating environment that is our training center.

In addition to Puppy Kindergarten, we also have Puppy Socialization classes for young puppies, which are incredibly beneficial and so much FUN for both puppies and their owners. These classes are run on a drop-in basis, although pre-registration is required. Puppy Socialization includes playtime with other puppies, as well as an introduction to new people, obstacles, surfaces, sounds, grooming tools, and so much more!

Training goes far beyond puppy class, which is why most of our students register for one of our training packages. All include an in-home lesson and Puppy Kindergarten class, as well as a variety of other options, for your best training value.