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Upcoming Start Dates:

Sport Scent Detection: Foundations and Containers (Level 1):
May 24th, Friday 6:40 pm

Attendance at week 1 of class is Mandatory

Sport Scent Detection: Introduction to Interiors and Exteriors (Level 2): TBA. Please email us to be on wait list/first contact for upcoming dates


Scent Detection

6/7 WEEKS - $160/$170

Recommended age: 6 months and up
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The sport of scent detection teaches your dog to find a specific target odor and then tell you where it is. All dogs are born knowing how to find a scent and follow it to its source which means that Scent Detection games can be played by any breed of dog! No previous training of any kind is needed to get involved in this sport and it is great for young and old dogs as well as dogs with disabilities. This course is taught in a low distraction environment and dogs are worked one at a time – which means that this class is also good for reactive, distracted and fearful dogs too. Anyone can play!

We offer 2 levels of scent detection training.

Sport Scent Detection: Foundations and Containers (7 weeks)
Prerequisite: None

This course introduces your dog to a specific target odor that he learns to hunt for because indicating that he has found it will bring reward. We use a series of foundation games that build on each other to increase the level of challenge gradually and create a dog that searches confidently and accurately. Using these games, you and your dog can carry on after the class finishes to have endless fun!

Sport Scent Detection: Introduction to Interiors and Exteriors (6 weeks)
Prerequisite: Completion of Sport Scent Detection: Foundations and Containers

Now that your dog understands the basics, we can increase the fun by moving on to more challenging searches in interior and exterior environments. Through creating puzzles of increasing levels of challenge, we continue to create a dog that thinks confidently for himself and has a great time putting his natural abilities to good use.

Why play Scent Detection?

  • Scent detection is based on natural hunting behavior your dog was born with

  • Scent detection is brainwork

  • Scent detection builds confidence

  • Scent detection creates focus

  • Scent detection builds your relationship with your dog

All classes come with weekly homework handouts to guide you through your home practice.