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It seems like more and more people are opting to adopt dogs and puppies from rescue organizations, the SPCA, Humane Societies, and the like, these days, which we love and support. However, rescue dogs, particularly those that are are adopted after puppyhood and/or from foreign countries, often come with their own unique challenges.These often include, but are not limited to fear of new people, dogs and situations.

We must always keep in mind that, in some cases, we have taken these dogs from an environment with which they are familiar and placed them into a situation that is completely new, different, and therefore, potentially terrifying. It is of the utmost importance, then, that we introduce them to their new environment gradually, gently and positively. In many cases, it can take weeks, or even months, for new dogs to completely settle into their new homes and for their true personalities to come out.

If you have or are planning to welcome a rescue dog into your home, we strongly recommend an in-home private lesson with one of our trainers. This will give us an opportunity to teach you how to start your new life off with your new dog on your best paw. We will teach you how to bond with your new dog and learn to “listen” to what he is telling you so that you can ease him into his new life while building confidence and trust in you.

Often, coming into a group class may be overwhelming to a newly adopted dog, as our training center can be a very stimulating and distracting environment. But, if your dog already knows some of the basics and you are both ready to take on the challenge of a group class, then Basic Manners is the one for you.

We are here support you in your training journey, so please call or email us to let us know how we can help you.