$25 per class, or buy a punch card good for 5 classes for $100

Module 1: Obstacles, Surfaces and Sounds
Upcoming Classes:
Apr 6th, Monday 4:30 pm
Apr 15th, Saturday 10:00 am
Apr 15th, Saturday 11:00 pm
May 11th Saturday 10:00 am
May 11th Saturday 11:00 am

Module 2: Health, Handling and Grooming
Upcoming Classes:
Apr 13th, Saturday 10:00 am
Apr 13th, Saturday 11:00 am
Apr 29th, Monday 4:30 pm

Module 3: Costumes and Appearances
Upcoming Classes:
Apr 1st, Monday 4:30 pm
Apr 27th, Saturday 10:00 am
Apr 27th, Saturday 11:00 am
May 6th, Monday 4:30 pm

Module 4: Wheels and Children's Toys
Upcoming Classes:
Mar 30th, Saturday 10:00 am
Mar 30th, Saturday 11:00 am
Apr 8th, Monday 4:30 pm
May 4th, Saturday 10:00 am
May 4th, Saturday 11:00 am

Best Paw Forward’s Puppy Socialization program is designed for young puppies under the age of 18 weeks old. This program follows the vet recommended Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right guidelines taught worldwide and will help you learn how to correctly and positively "vaccinate" your puppy against future behavioral problems as they learn to live in our modern society. 

Your puppy’s socialization period ends between 12 and 16 weeks of age, which means that by the time most puppy parents bring their new family member home this period of time is already half over. The early puppyhood socialization period begins at 3-4 weeks of age and is a critical and finite period of time during which puppies are developmentally open to new experiences, sights, sounds, smells, dogs, motion, people, environments and items.

Correct, positive socialization is so critical that the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour (AVSAB) has published a POSITION STATEMENT in which it states that “…it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated.


To register for our Puppy Socialization classes, you will need to provide us with proof of two vaccinations for parvo and distemper and be registered in a current or upcoming Puppy Kindergarten class.

You and your puppy will learn how to correctly, positively and safely interact with new and novel stimuli and many of the things we humans see as "normal" in our world such as costumes, obstacles, sounds, wheels and children's toys. We will also discuss many other important topics like health and body handling, husbandry care, appropriate puppy play, and of course, positive reinforcement choice-based training.  

Let’s get those little paws walking in the right direction for a lifetime of fun by your side!