Upcoming Start Dates:

Sep 29th, Sundays 2:30 pm
Sep 29th, Sundays 5:00 pm
Oct 7th, Mondays 6:40 pm
Oct 12th, Saturdays 12:15 pm
Oct 22nd, Tuesdays 6:40 pm
Oct 27th, Sundays 1:15 pm
Nov 3rd, Sundays 9:30 am
Nov 6th, Wednesdays 6:40 pm
Nov 26th, Tuesdays 5:30 pm

Attendance at weeks 1 and 2 of class is Mandatory

Puppy Kindergarten

7 weeks - $185

Recommended age: Under 20 weeks. Best to start between 12-15 weeks old
Small breeds are welcome in Puppy Kindergarten up to 6 months of age
Have a large breed puppy over 20 weeks old? Basic Manners is the right fit for you!
Just the first two sets of core vaccines are required to begin class

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Welcome to Nanaimo’s most popular puppy class!

Let us help get you and your puppy started off on the right paw with our foundation Puppy Kindergarten course. It is a life skill for your young dog to learn and develop in a stimulating environment such as our training center, as it will help create a more attentive and optimistic dog. Our puppy class will set you up for success in future training and everything you do with your dogs over the course of their lives.

A few of the critical lessons we cover:

  • Foundation behaviors including sit, down, stay, recall and loose leash walking

  • Building focus for owners, even around distractions. An essential skill to learn right away!

  • Safe and appropriate socialization techniques with people, children and other dogs

  • Learn how to properly and effectively play with your dog and incorporate it into your training

  • Training based on your puppy’s individual personality. We’ll help you bring the best out of your puppy and start you on the path you are taking together for the next 10+ years!

All classes come with weekly homework handouts to guide you through your home practice.

Take a look at our Facebook page to see the adorable pictures of our Puppy Kindergarten graduates!