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Whether your schedule does not allow for you to commit to group classes, or you just prefer an individual approach to training your dog, our private lessons will provide you with training help in the specific areas you are looking to address. Private lessons allow for your needs, challenges and goals to guide the lesson and each is followed up with a training plan personalized for you and your dog.

One-on-one lessons are also great for those dogs who are not yet ready or suited to group classes - whether this is because your dog is reactive toward other dogs or people, too overstimulated to work in class, or a new rescue dog or young puppy who needs some training to begin before coming to group classes.

We offer 90 and 60 minute in home lessons and 60 minute private lessons at our training center. Prices range between $90 and $120. All of our training packages include at least one in-home lesson, and we do offer a package price for multiple in-home lessons. We also offer 30 minute phone consults with our trainers. Please contact us for this fee and more information.

If you would like more information or to pursue private training with us, please fill out the form below with some details of what you would like help with. The more information we have on your dog’s history, behaviour and challenges, the better prepared we will be to give you the best and most complete information possible.

If your dog has a history of severe reactivity, aggression, or biting, please contact us via phone with the details. We can then assess whether one of our trainers can help you or if you would be better served by a referral to a local Canine Behaviourist.

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