Hats off to Karen and Micailyn for the awesome Really Reliable Recall class. After pet-sitting for so many years, we know the importance of instant recall, and took the course to help Jake grow into his role as our new “lead dog”. However, this paid even bigger dividends recently when we found ourselves inches from a large, very agitated rattlesnake in southern Alberta. Like a well-practiced team, we called Jake, whom immediately turned to us instead of the snake, and we all escaped to safety!!
— Janie & Daryl Brown, Not Home Alone Pet Services
We are having a blast at Best Paw!! Thanks to their positive and fun training games Misty is not just a super smart pup but we have such a strong bond due to everything we’ve learned together! Looking forward to continuing our training now that puppy class is over!
— Danielle with “Misty”
Thank you so so so very much for our in-house first training session! It was amazing to see you with Snoopy and to learn things right away today. We have practiced the ‘yes’ game in the house and with the treats on our evening walk (and we went on a new route) and Snoopy did so well, we are so very proud of him...Thank you again for your knowledge and patience.
— Shannon and Aaron with “Snoopy”
I just came home from the best walk ever with Hank! He walked loose leash from my house up the road and even stopped and sat when a neighbour stopped in his car to talk to us. He zoomed and zoomed off leash up in the foothills, always staying in sight of me. It is finally fun to walk my best friend. Thank you Best Paw Forward for all of your help!!
— Barbara with “Hank”
With the one year membership, I took a class almost every week and joined in the small dog playgroup and Friday off leash walks. The foundational courses like puppy kindergarten and confident canine built Riley at a very young age to encounter new exciting experiences and not be scared. Outdoor Adventure was the most fun for us both and to finish off our membership we just ended Fine Tune Fido! Each class I learned and fine tuned my own skills as a doggie parent. I will continue to take classes with Riley at Best Paw Forward and would highly recommend anyone with a new puppy or just want to spend time bonding and refining skills with your dog to contact Robyn. A big shout out to Robyn and Quincy who I’m sure I asked the same question 5 times over, Tressia who first arrived at our house to show us the ropes with our 2 pound puppy, Micailyn who helped us go to Riley’s level (small dog issues), Karen who helped Riley “really really recall”, and Sarah who fined tuned us both. Thinking of a new fur baby....I highly recommend Best Paw Forward and the one year membership.
— Debbie with “Riley”
The lesson with Quincey was great! Lots of great info, and it made me realize that Ella may not be as crazy as we thought, just bored. We’ve had a productive week with training, and she’s doing so great, she responds to positive reinforcement so much better. We’re all much happier, even after just this one week.
— Molly with “Ella”
I want to thank you so much for this class. We have taken many (as you know) and while they have all been great and very much worthwhile the Reactive Rover Class has been a game changer for us. We now have some better tools to help Cypre (and us) manage our behaviour when out and about. We realize that it will be a life long commitment but I think we are on our way to success.
— Tine with “Cypre”
10/10, would recommend to ANYONE with a dog. We did the puppy class with Karen and she is honestly amazing. She is so patient and makes it very easy to train your dog. We thought our puppy was a mess but it turns out we were just doing everything wrong. These classes were the highlight of our week - we can’t wait to take another one!
— Katie with “Josie”
Any car rides now, Jovi thinks he’s going to class! So glad I got the one yr membership! Teaching a dog to actually think for himself has opened up so much different training opportunities for us. I love watching Jovi “think” about what is asked of him, then seeing him offer me several other behaviours! Have to say, this is the best training centre!
— Richelle with “Jovi”
Georgia and I had so much fun in the Confident Canine class! We both learned so much and have continued to use the training methods to learn many more tricks, and have even started agility. Thank you to all the amazing trainers. I definitely recommend anyone with any age dog to take one of their classes, you won’t regret it!
— Lane with “Georgia”
Robyn Andexser has been a trainer in this area for the past several years. She is well known and well respected. For the past three seasons she has been invited to Craig Bay Estates to assist our dogs with a training update/recall. This is a valuable activity for both the dogs and their owners. She has terrific insight into each dogs’ character needs and is able within the training session which runs an hour+ to deal simultaneously with individual dogs needs as well as all the dogs in attendance at the training session. She is open to questions which can lead to pertinent conversation within the group setting and in every case owners and their dogs experience fulfillment. The thrust of the training is about general behaviour skills and always includes fun and challenging interaction between owner and their dog with an emphasis about being in control of your dog. In this community we all want our dogs to be embraced as a vital element and presence and having well behaved dogs make all of us happy and proud to be dog owners. In our community some of the dogs are Goose Patrol Dogs and this effort is enhanced by the annual training session we have here at Craig Bay with Robyn and her staff.
— Heidi with “Homer” and “Wilbur”
Karen, Wanted to send a note of thanks for the fab puppy class that you facilitated for Duke and me. We learned so much, and I’m confident that we move forward with some solid skills and look forward to more training in future. We signed up for the Sunday leash skills classes based on your recommendation as well as our positive experiences thus far.
— Will with “Duke”
We are doing great with our training. Thanks to Quincey he has been so good on the leash! Recalls are harder but he is getting the hang of it, I was even able to call him away from a cat! It may have been a fluke but I’ll take it! Thank you so much for all of your support, since our private lesson, I have felt much more confident with him on the leash and I feel that I have more control.
— Chloe and Kaelan with “Stubbs”
We are so beyond pleased with our time that we had with Tressia, she was an absolute pleasure! Would recommend her 110%. She provided us with wonderful advice, taught us some exciting games, and included my children in with the learning process.
— Charlene with “Kona”