Our classes are taught in our 2000 square foot training center and we are the only dog training facility in Nanaimo with 1/2 inch sealed rubber flooring for cleanliness and your dog’s safety - there’s no chance of slipping or worry about getting wet and dirty at our classes! Our large training area allows for lots of space for playing and training with your dogs, and also affords us the luxury of being able to create distance from other dogs and people for those dogs who are reactive or become overstimulated easily. We even have a separate, smaller room that we can use if needed.  

Even though we have plenty of space, we want to set all of our students up for best success, so keep our class sizes small (6-8 dogs and their owners.) For most of our classes, we have at least two trainers on hand to provide the individual support and guidance our students need.


We are conveniently located in Central Nanaimo on the corner of Wilgress and Northfield Roads. We share a building with another business -  Dog N’ Suds Small Dog & Puppy Daycare, which operates from 9-5 Monday-Friday. Our classes are held evenings and weekends. If you want to speak to us in person, please come to our training center on Mondays between 1pm-4pm or Fridays between 12pm-5pm. There will be a Best Paw Forward staff member there during these hours to collect payments, fit your dogs for harnesses or other walking tools, demonstrate and sell our interactive toys, and answer all of your questions about our classes.