In-Home Puppy Training

See our training packages to combine an in-home lesson with Puppy Kindergarten class!

We are the experts in raising puppies right and our goal for your in-home lesson is to bring that expertise out in the whole family, not just the new puppy. We encourage everyone involved in the puppy’s life to be involved in the training, so we will give you tips on how children, other pets and family members can get involved and interact positively with your new addition.

The following is an outline for what is typically covered in an in home lesson, but each lesson is tailored to your individual needs and will be guided by your questions, goals and challenges.

  • Crate and potty training

  • Chewing, biting and nipping

  • Digging, jumping up, barking

  • Leash walking

  • How to channel all that puppy energy into positive interactions

  • Teaching focus for YOU, even around distractions

Our mission is to teach both you and your puppy good habits instead of having to break the bad ones later. This is your opportunity to shape what your dog becomes – training begins as soon as your puppy is home!

These lessons will be arranged to suit your family’s schedule, so please give us a few options when you email to set up an in home lesson. If you have a new puppy we strongly recommend the New Puppy Package or Perfect Puppy in 1 Year Package, both of which include an in-home lesson.