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Fine-Tune Fido

4 weeks - $115

Prerequisite: Completion of Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners
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Are you looking for a fun way to continue practicing what you and your dog have learned in class already? Or, maybe you and your dog have been out of training for a while and want a “refresher” class? Through lots of fun training games, this class will practice and proof those important skills that make our dogs great pets!

This class is great for those of you who we haven’t seen in class for a while or for anyone who wants to do a bit more work on the basics while learning more training games to play with their dogs. Dogs must have a basic understanding of sit, down, stay, recall and heel and must be able to perform these behaviours on a cue although they may fail under distraction.

Week 1: Focus and impulse control games
Week 2: Loose leash walking games
Week 3: Recall games
Week 4: Multi-skill games