Upcoming Start Dates:

Oct 27th, Sundays 10:45 am
Nov 26th, Tuesdays 7:50 pm

Attendance at weeks 1 and 2 of class is Mandatory

Confident Canine

6 weeks - $160

Recommended age: 4 months and up
Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners
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If you want to dive deeper into how dogs learn and the most effective method for training your dog, then this is the class for you! The goal of this course is to teach you and your dog to work together, form a partnership and learn from each other. You can expect to love this class, as it is filled with lots of play, games and mental stimulation for dogs and their handlers.

A few of the lessons we cover:

  • How to communicate and use a clicker effectively in your training to shape behaviours

  • Targeting, rear end awareness, settle, and many other fun and helpful behaviours

  • Learn how to properly and effectively play with your dog and incorporate it into your training

  • How to manage “trigger” distractions and promote relaxation

  • Confidence building for all situations

  • Balance and stability work on FitPaws equipment

  • Fun tricks and introduction to agility equipment

All classes come with weekly homework handouts to guide you through your home practice.

You and your dog will walk away with more confidence and a new language of communication that you both understand. You will have learned how to break down big behaviours into smaller ones and how to effectively teach more complex behaviours. This is a creative learning class that help you find alternate solutions for modifying behaviours. You will be amazed at how quick your dog learns behaviors after this class!

*No reactive dogs please: If you are experiencing reactivity, we can help with a private lesson to get you ready for class