Upcoming Start Dates:

Jun 4th, Tuesdays 7:50 pm
Jun 9th, Sundays 10:45 am

Jul 4, Thursdays 5:30 pm
Jul 16th, Tuesdays 5:30 pm
Aug 7th, Wednesdays 5:30 pm

Attendance at weeks 1 and 2 of class is Mandatory

Basic Manners

6 weeks - $175

Recommended age: 5 months and up. This is the class to take if  you and your dog are new to group classes.

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This course is for the dog that needs to learn and practice the basics in a stimulating environment. Even if you have taught your dog the basics at home, if you have not practiced around other dogs and people, then this is a perfect class for you both to begin your training.

A few of the critical lessons we cover:

  • Manners including sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking

  • Teaching your dog how to make good choices all the time

  • Building focus for owners, even around distractions. An essential skill!

  • How to use distractions effectively in your training. They are everywhere!

  • Learn how to properly and effectively play with your dog and incorporate it into your training

All classes come with weekly homework handouts to guide you through your home practice.

This class is recommended for your newly adopted dog or the older than puppy dog who has not yet been in a classroom setting. After completing this class, you will be ready for the next levels of training, whether it be Leash Skills, Confident Canine or even an exciting dog sport like agility.