1 Year Membership

$989 + tax (invaluable!)

Package must be used within 12 months

If you are ready to have a perfect dog and are ready to put the time, effort, and commitment into training, then this is the package for you. With the membership, you can take one introductory class (Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Manners, depending on your dog’s age), and then as many next-level training classes as you want with your dog for one year. This is incredibly valuable if you plan to do plenty of training with your dog and all of our past membership students are so pleased with the results they’ve seen after a year of training - their perfectly trained dogs are proof!

As with all of our packages, the membership includes a 1.5 hour in-home lesson.
Also included is a punch card good for 5 Puppy Socialization classes (age depending).
1 Year membership students also get a discount on our DOGSAFE canine first aid course.

*No reactive dogs permitted to sign up until an evaluation is done with a trainer.